A Constitution for New Freeland


Bill of Rights

Bill of Due Process


Separation of Powers


When in the course of human affairs it becomes necessary for citizens to break the political chains that have hitherto bound them, and to reclaim the individual sovereignty which is their birthright, it can be opportune for them to declare the causes which have impelled them to self-liberation. We, the freedom-loving citizens of New Zealand, choose to do so at this epoch-making moment.

We hold these truths to be demonstrable in reality: that because the mind is our species' means of survival and full flourishing, human beings are individually possessed of certain inalienable rights, which are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of private property and happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among people, deriving their just powers - and only such powers - from the consent of the governed; that all laws legislated by governments must be for the purpose of securing these rights; that no laws legislated by government may violate these rights; that all citizens are equal before such laws; and that whenever any government becomes destructive of these rights, it is in rebellion against its citizens, who may then remove it and institute new government.

Now is such a time.

The history of government in the Dominion of New Zealand is that of a long chain of abuses and usurpations of the individual rights of the citizenry, culminating in an unprecedented level of such abuses by present government, national and local, which have reduced the status of our people to one of slavery. Ownership of each citizen's life has been wrested from the citizen where it belongs and vested in government where it does not.

Government in New Zealand has made of itself a blood-sucking Leviathan, a drooling, hydra-headed monster of regulation and prohibition, of force and terror. It has drained the life out of commerce and trade. It has practised confiscation of the rightful earnings of our citizens on a scale hitherto unrivalled, and with the proceeds of that confiscation erected a multitude of new bureaucracies and sent hither swarms of officers to harass the people and eat out their substance. It has bestowed upon its revenue gatherers tyrannical powers of search and seizure, of confiscation of private savings and possessions, of coercive extraction of information; in the exercise of these powers, its gatherers have ruined livelihoods and destroyed lives. It has grown bloated from the use of confiscated moneys, devising ever-more-unconscionable forms of the squandering thereof. It has secured its power to plunder and terrorise by bribing the parasitic with the earnings of the productive. It has cultivated inequality before the law on the basis of race and gender. It has forbidden the citizens to exercise the prerogatives of ownership over their lawfully-acquired lands, and punished them for the productive use thereof; it has vested actual ownership of such lands in itself and its agents. It has claimed ownership of the minds of the citizens, proscribing the expression of thoughts of which it does not approve; it has claimed ownership of the bodies of the citizens, proscribing the ingestion of substances of which it does not approve; it has deprived citizens of their liberty and their property for the expression of such thoughts and ingestion of such substances. It has made consensual, victimless activities criminal; it has made coercive activities legally permissible and been the chief practitioner thereof. It has seized children from their parents and forced the citizens to sponsor the dulling of young minds in its classrooms; it has forbidden parents to educate their children other than by its own warped, politicised dicta. It has forcibly monopolised the medicines of the citizens and persecuted the providers of alternatives. It has dishonoured its contracts and required citizens to identify themselves on demand, assuming unto itself powers of arbitrary detention and arrest. It has disarmed the citizens so as to protect itself from rightful rebellion, and forbidden them to defend their own lives and properties, while most egregiously failing to do so itself. Government in New Zealand, in short, has committed itself and its agencies not to upholding the individual rights of the citizens who maintain it, but to trampling most brutally and routinely upon them. Government in New Zealand is thereby in rebellion against its citizens, and has thus rendered itself illegitimate.

We, therefore, the liberty-loving citizens of New Zealand, in the name of that which is the glory of man - his sovereign, rational mind - do solemnly declare that our country is henceforth free; that we are absolved from all further allegiance to the Dominion of New Zealand and its government, both of which are hereby dissolved; that we do by this and the associated documents presented here establish instead the Republic of New Freeland; that these documents supersede all previous constitutional and quasi-constitutional documents, including the Treaty of Waitangi; that the laws of this country shall be based on a single moral premise, which is the expression of the afore-mentioned rights: no person or group of persons may initiate the use of physical force, or its derivative, fraud, against any other person or group of persons, and the only justification for the use of force is self-defence against those who initiate it; that the government of this country shall have no other function than to formulate, enact and uphold such laws; and further, that to so secure and glorify the supreme values of reason and freedom in human affairs, we pledge our most diligent, reverent commitment, and our sacred honour.

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