In the Revolution's Twilight

Reprinted below is Lindsay Perigo's speech for the 1996 Institute for Objectivist Studies Summer Seminar, originally titled Antipodean Altruism. With reason and wit, Perigo summarizes New Zealand's recent market reforms, while countering some U.S. libertarians who believe these reforms represented a veritable revolution. Indeed, Perigo explains how the various reforms have ultimately failed — and describes the philosophical revolution it will take for liberty to succeed.


Part I: The Foundations of a Revolution
Advocating an Ethical Revolution; The Reign of Altruism

Part II: Of Three Who Fell
The Fall of the Nationals; The Ascendance of Roger Douglas; Principles, Hayek, or a Cup of Tea

Part III: The Betrayal
The Return of the Nationals; Liberty or Hayek; A Coalition Forms; The Fallout

Part IV: The Choice
One Step Forward, Three Steps Back; Theory and Practice; The Moral and the Practical

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